Building wheels is the one area which any mechanic will praise themselves in… and too right. It’s a skill which takes a long time to hone. You really get a feel for the wheel when you start turning the spoke key, you get immersed in the characteristics of the wheel. You know its behavior and how it’s reacting to your method of building, the final result is a perfectly tensioned, true and dished wheel.

Built the right way

The difference between a machine finished wheel and a hand built wheel is all to do with the human interaction and the natural feel of whats right and wrong.

Tom has been building wheels for over a decade after having completed the DT Swiss wheel building course. Tom was lucky enough to work in a workshop which had regular wheel builds booked in, this is where he really learnt how to build wheels.

Twisted Cogs is now a authorised dealer for the Canadian made We Are One Composite wheels, Tom will be building these amazing hand laid carbon rims along side his other popular build choices.

Popular build options which regularly come through the workshop are Stans Flow MK3/EX3 rims built into Hope Technology hubs, this build option ticks all options for your trail centre rider to someone who is regularly attending uplift days.

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