Gain the confidence to fix your own bike

Learn from the expert…

I have successfully run this class at shops I used to work in and at Twisted Cogs, the feedback I received after each class was all positive with each customer going away with 100% more knowledge and confidence.

This isn’t a turn up and listen exercise it’s all about getting your hands dirty and working on your own bike.

The course in basic bicycle maintenance will be undertaken in either group sessions or One:One sessions depending on what you already know and how much you would like to learn; below I have outlined what each session will include so you can choose the perfect course for you.

Group Session – N/A

If you find it difficult to repair a puncture, check your bicycle for safety and if the thought of adjusting anything on your bike slightly scares you then this is the course for you.

By the end of it you will be confident enough tackle all basic jobs full on and come out if it smiling.

We will look at the following points:

  • Removing/refitting both wheels
  • Replacing an inner tube the correct way
  • Brake adjustment
  • Gear indexing
  • Safety checking your bike

One:One Session – £60

If you have just looked at the above and mentally ticked them all off in your head then I would advise having a one to one class with myself. We will quickly run through the above points to see if you are doing them correctly then get onto the more technical details of maintenance.

This course will focus a lot more on your bicycle and we can adapt the session to suit your needs if you let us know in advance.

We will look at the following points:

  • Group session subjects
  • Advanced brake set-up including cable/pad replacement
  • Advanced gear set up including cable replacement
  • Headset adjustment
  • Problem Solving
  • Wheel truing

Please contact Tom if you want to book or  have any questions or queries.