Bicycle suspension technology is extremely advanced and needs regular servicing to ensure the best performance. Without the correct aftercare and servicing you are risking expensive wear and tear on your suspension.

If you are unsure on the service intervals for your suspension click here to download a interval poster for Fox and Rockshox.


Tom can service all major suspension – Fox, Rockshox, Manitou…

The dust wiper seals on your suspension forks do a great job on protecting the internals from water and dirt but they won’t last forever. Get booked in for a lower leg and seal service including fresh oil and a full internal clean.

Prices starting from £60

If you are needing specific tuning on your forks give Tom a call to discuss options and he can advise you on the best people in the business to use.

Rear suspension also needs regular servicing to ensure the back end of your bike is getting all the traction it needs out on the trails. Working with your frame linkage the rear suspension is active at all times whilst you are riding undergoing hundreds of strokes per ride. It is worth servicing the rear shock as often as the front forks.

Prices starting from £60

Frame linkage servicing and shock mounting kits –

To ensure your rear suspension is working efficiently the first port of call is making sure all the bearings in the frame linkages are moving smoothly. If the bearings are worn and starting to seize this friction will effect the precise sag measurement you are using to set up your suspension;which in turn is going to effect how your bike rides.

Tom has invested in the best bearing removal and fitting tools to ensure bearing replacement is done correctly, all bearings are pressed into the frame so you can have that factory feel back.

Sometimes the play in your frame is actually the shock mounting hardware which has worn with all frames using a number of different bolt sizes and widths it is difficult to stock all kits. Kits can be in stock and fitted within 2 days to ensure you are back out as soon as possible.