Keep your bicycle running at its best

From regular gear and brake services to comprehensive strip down, repair and rebuild, we offer a cycle service to suit you.


Race Tune


Essential safety check before any big ride or race

  • Bicycle fully inspected in the workstand
  • All components checked for wear
  • Quick check and adjustment of brakes and gears
  • Safety issues highlighted and customer contacted to be made aware

Basic Service


Recommended every 3-6 months

  • Gears setup and finely tuned for best performance
  • All cables lubricated and inspected
  • Brakes setup and inspected
  • All bolts checked and a safety check carried out
  • Tyres/tubes inspected and inflated to correct pressures

Standard Service


Middle of the road service, including clean and degrease

  • Bicycle will be cleaned and transmission degreased
  • All components removed from the frame for maintenance and inspection
  • Any worn parts will be replaced and charged for if needed, labour charge included
  • All bearings (headset, bottom bracket and wheels) checked and adjusted
  • Wheels are trued and tensioned
  • Gears and brakes setup and finely tuned
  • Cable slick applied to all cables

Ultimate Service


If you haven’t had a service all season

  • Bicycle is stripped down to the frame and degreased and cleaned
  • All components removed, degreased and cleaned
  • Frame checked for damage/corrosion
  • Frame polished and protected
  • Serviceable hubs are overhauled – stripped down and rebuilt
  • All inner and outer cables replaced as part of the service
  • Wheels checked for rim wear, dishing, buckles and spoke damage
  • Wheels are trued and tensions checked
  • Any new parts are fitted under the service cost, these parts are chargable
  • The price for this service is £150 (road) and from £150+ (Full suspension MTB) depending on the bike.
  • These will be limited through summer due to workload.

Are you due a service?

If your bicycle is ready for a service, call us or drop by our workshop in Bishopthorpe, York and we’ll get you booked in.